15 Amsterdam facts you might not already know

We’ve rounded up some Amsterdam facts that you might not already know! The city is renowned for many things; history, art, the infamous red-light district, coffeeshops selling cannabis, canals… the list goes on. BUT did you know that when you land at the airport you’re four metres below sea level? 

Amsterdam Facts

  1. Every year on average, 25,000 bikes are pulled out of Amsterdam’s canals.
  2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, roughly one car per week is pulled out of Amsterdam’s canals too.
  3. Dutch people are the tallest in the whole world.
  4. In addition to your bog standard mayor, Amsterdam also has a nightlife mayor, a bike mayor and a city poet.
  5. There are 165 canals in the city.
  6. There’s 1,515+ bars in Amsterdam.
  7. Schiphol airport is 4 metres below sea level, they might have to turn it into a port if the levels rise!
  8. Over 85% of residents in the city can speak more than two languages!
  9. There are way more bikes than people!  There are 813,562+ people living in Amsterdam but it’s estimated that there is well over a million bicycles.
  10. Amsterdam-ers love their coffee! Amsterdam residents are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world, having around 3.2 cups per person, per day.
  11. XXX is the symbol of Amsterdam. You’ll see it all over the city but don’t be concered, it’s nothing x-rated ;).
  12. Prostitution became legal in Amsterdam in 2000. Prostitutes now have to get a licence, abide by rules and pay taxes. As a result – there’s been a decrease in abuse, prostitutes get access to healthcare and it’s all round much safer for everyone.
  13. Amsterdam has more museums per square metre than any other capital cities in the world.
  14. The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of beer. TWICE as much is exported from The Netherlands than the United States. Approximately 1.3 billion litres are exported each year and that number is growing.
  15. Amsterdam has more canals than venice.

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  • January 3, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Going to Visit Amsterdam next week as I don’t know much about it so I was looking for a blog to know the facts about this city thanks for this information.


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