9 Unmissable Amsterdam Street Foods

Amsterdam is a paradise for delicious street food! From super sweet treats like Stroopwafle to fries with mayo that have been perfected over the course of 57 years – there will be something to satisfy your craving!

Our top recommendations for Amsterdam street food are below, and as always – let us know if your favourite doesn’t appear!

1. Vleminckx the Sausmeester (sauce master)

This is in a super central location and it serves the best fries in Amsterdam, without a doubt, I can confirm I have tried them all.

The Sausmeester has been around for a whopping 57 years, selling home-made fries alongside a plethora of sauces.


These are everywhere in Amsterdam, and are essentially fast food vending machines. I spent the first few trips to Amsterdam looking at them in disgust.

Then I came across a video on Youtube that explained everything is freshly cooked, and there’s a door at the other side of the machines where the fresh snacks are put in. I’d originally thought the food just sat in these machines for days.

3. Kibbeling

This yummy Dutch snack consists of battered chunks of white fish, usually served with some garlic mayo. You can find it at markets such as Dappermarket or Albert Cuyp market. It’s usually seriously fresh and equally tasty.

4. Stroopwafel

A waffle made with two thin layers, filled with caramel syrup in the middle! You can get them in supermarkets in Amsterdam, but it’s best to try one fresh from a bakery or market stall to get the true Stroopwafel experience!

5. Cheese

Cheese is a pretty big deal in The Netherlands, so it truly is unmissable. Don’t go home without tasting the delights of Amsterdam’s many ‘kaas’ shops or ‘kaas’ stalls at the local markets. If you want to do a little more digging, then stop by the Cheese Museum!

6. Bitterballen

Bitterballen is a dutch deep fried snack, consisting of bread-cumb covered balls with creamy meat-ragout fillings. Foodhallen or Cafe De Pijp are good places to sample this delicacy!

7. Proffertjes

They are Dutch small fluffy pancakes! Need I say any more?

small dutch pancakes

8. McKroket Burger

It’s quick, it’s super cheap, it’s tasty and it counts as a local delicacy OK? Before anybody moans that it’s McDonalds…this is cultural McDonalds so don’t @ me.

Dutch McKroket Burger from Mcdonalds

9. Dutch haring

A very traditional Dutch food and can be found in street vans throughout Amsterdam. They say that everyone should try it at least once…It’s raw fish served typically with chopped onions.

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