Damgoodvibes.com is an Amsterdam blog exploring things to eat, see and do in the city!

But Who’s doing it? What are they doing? Where, when and why!?!

The Who:

I am an Amsterdam and marketing enthusiast, in my twenties and Scottish! You can find out more about what I do when I am not in Amsterdam over on my insta.

(I am not sure what to use yet when writing – I default to ‘us’ a lot because I am referring to me and my fiancĂ© who has been on this Amsterdam trip since the very start and because it’s a blog not a person… then sometimes I go back to I… I’ll work it all out as time goes on I suppose.)

The What:

Having visited Amsterdam a million times* and lived there too, people are forever asking what to do, see and eat when they visit. Which I take great pleasure in sharing! I also am a digital marketer so thought why not start a blog exploring all the best things to do, see and eat in Amsterdam! 
*rounded up to the nearest million

The Where:

So I am currently living and working in Scotland and visit Amsterdam pretty damn regularly. When I lived in Amsterdam I stayed in De Pijp and worked for adidas near Amsterdam Arena, so a lot of our favourite things to do see and eat stem for our time spent living there.

The When:

Well…right now. I started this little blog in 2019 as kind of a new years resolution. I have spent many times thinking about it over the years and a few people have suggested it in passing too – so here I am!

A lil more detail…

I am Caroline, a digital marketer and Amsterdam enthusiast. I fell in love with the city after booking a trip around 8 years ago as a present “for my boyfriend”. At the time I was convinced this was a selfless act, he had always wanted to go, I didn’t see the appeal – what a GIFT I thought… 

I’d always seen Amsterdam from the notoriety point of view – drugs, red light district, stag dos and thought nah, that’s not for me. However, Marc had always wanted to go, so off we went.

A much younger us on or 3rd/4th trip back in 2013! With no idea that one day we’d be living here!

OMG WOW, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Well, I am right – there are drugs, a red light district and stag dos but it’s so so so much more than that! It’s a city of diversity in a way I’d never experienced before and from there we went time and time again before eventually moving there for work in 2017.

We stayed for about 7 months before moving back to sunny Scotland with a heavy heart. However, it’s only an hours flight between home and our second home so we manage to still spend a lot of time in the city.

Fast forward to 2019 and about a week after starting this blog – we were back in Amsterdam (for the countless time) and… Marc asked me to marry him! It was the biggest but most lovely surprise ever… and bloody excellent blog content. However it’s not in keeping with my theme so it never quite made it to insta.. maybe one day I can do a throwback. Until then, if anybody is at this point still reading and caring… here’s a little snap or two from the big trip…

p.s. I said yes!