Are Amsterdam’s Museums Free?

We’ve scoured the internet to find out the most sought after questions when it comes to the 411 on Amsterdam and one we kept seeing was ‘Are Amsterdam’s museums free?’

Amsterdam is renowned for its museums, with one to suit every interest! From museums about cats and the sex museum to the world famous Van Gough Museum. That said….

Are Amsterdam’s museums free?

Some, but not all. If you are planning on visiting a few, the I Amsterdam city card will get you free access to over 70 museums and attractions!

Included in the I amsterdam City Card is free access to 70+ museums and attractions, city-wide public transport and exclusive discounts.

Amsterdam’s Free Museums

If you’re not keen on the big names, and just want to soak up some free culture in Amsterdam, we’ve listed the free museums we know about below. Missing some? Let us know in the comments!