Best Italian Restaurants in Amsterdam

I know I am not alone when I say Italian food is an all time favourite and I am happy to report there are many places in Amsterdam that do this cuisine a great justice. 

Check out our list of Best Italian Restaurants in Amsterdam and grab a pizza food for yourself…

  1. Pasta Bar, Centrum
    Price: €-€
    Pasta Bar is in a great location, just a few minutes walk from Amsterdam Centraal and also is very reasonably priced! The menu isn’t too extensive but it’s ideal if you’re looking for some fresh but fast food. It’s usually quite busy but you never have to wait long for a table – and they say that’s a good sign right? Their Margherita pizzas start at just €4.95 
    View the Pasta Bar menu here.

    Pesto Tagliatelle at Pasta Bar, Amsterdam

  2. Eddy Spaghetti, Oost
    Price: €-€€
    Pasta, pizzas and all things antipasti can be found at Eddy Spaghetti. It’s open 7 days a week from 5pm. When we went we had arrabbiata with burrata and gnocchi with cheese, pear, walnut and balsamic. Nice unusual flavours – I enjoyed my burrata but had major envy over the gnocchi.
    View the Eddy Spaghetti menu here.

    Pasta Arrabiata and Gnocchi from Eddy Spaghetti.
  3. Ristorante Due Napoletani, De Pijp
    Price: €€-€€€
    They have a Parmesan wheel.
    Need I say any more?  Ok, if you need any more than that they are rated 4.5*s on Tripadvisor.
    View the Ristorante Due Napoletani menu here.

    Ristorante Due Napoletani’s parmesan wheel, De Pijp.
  4. Spaghetteria Pastabar, throughout Amsterdam
    Price: €€
    Spaghetteria say that “in the evening our Italian chefs prepare the daily fresh pasta is six different dishes on the daily changing menu”. It’s a super light but cosy and friendly atmosphere in a restaurant with really tasty pasta dishes. 
    Sea food, eat food diet @ Spaghetteria
  5. New York Pizza, fast food – throughout Amsterdam
    Price: €
    Ok, it’s Dutch owned, it’s got ‘New York’ in the name – it’s a few steps away from authentic Italian BUT it’s pizza and it’s cheap, fast and convenient so I couldn’t not have it on the list. Most importantly, it’s tasty too. I recommend asking them to drizzle their garlic oil on your pizza too!
    View the New York Pizza menu here.
    Don’t forget to get the garlic oil too!
  6. Italia Oggi, Centrum 
    Price: €-€€
    Super close to The Red Light District (De Wallen), Italia Oggi is rated 4.5*s on Tripadvisor and serves up antipasti, pasta, meat and fish! I’s often very busy which is worth bearing that in mind. 
    You can find the Italia Oggi website here.
    Pasta Primavera at Italia Oggi, Amsterdam
  7. Piadina Bar, Oude Pijp
    Price: €
    Located next to The Heineken Experience, Piadina Bar serves the tastiest Piadinas and the staff are super friendlty too. Never tried one? Piadina Bar describe them as “a flatbread, folded and filled with a variety of typical Italian products, such as Prosciutto, Mozzarella di Bufala or Parmigiano Reggiano.

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