Day Trips from Amsterdam

There’s a lot more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam, and you don’t have to travel for too long to see all that the Dutch have to offer. You can cross the widest part of the Netherlands in just 3.5 hours, so it’s easy to explore the country from Amsterdam!

We’ve pulled together a list of day trips from Amsterdam that can be done on public transport in a day.

Zaanse Shans | 35 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal

Experience famous dutch icons such as wooden clogs and windmills in this beautiful Dutch village. This unspoiled location includes operational windmills, a museum, a wooden blog maker, cheese making shop and lumber mill!

How to get to Zaanse Shans from Amsterdam: Hop on the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Zaandijk Zaanse Schans which will take around 15 minutes and then the village is around 1.5km from there.

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Haarlem | 20 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal

Haarlem is often referred to as “mini Amsterdam” and it is…but without as many tourists.

There’s plenty to do with boutique shopping, bustling markets and cosy restaurants. It’s also near the famous Keukenhof gardens and flower fields of Lisse making it a great base to explore from when the tulips are in full bloom! (From mid April – 1st week in May).

How to get to Haarlem from Amsterdam: Get the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem – trains are every 20 minutes and take the same time to get there.

Utrecht | 30 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal

When it comes to day trips from Amsterdam – Utrecht is a must! It’s an ancient city with roman ruins and art from the middle ages, but plenty of modern marvels too. It’s smaller than the likes of Amsterdam and Rotterdam meaning you can easily discover the city in just one day.

How to get to Utrecht from Amsterdam: Trains are every 10 to 15 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal and the journey takes just half an hour.

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The Hague (Den Haag) | 1 hour from Amsterdam Centraal

A city with the beach and home to the Dutch parliament – there’s loads to do, see and eat in The Hague! Their parliament is the world’s oldest parliament building that is still in use.

How to get to The Hague from Amsterdam: Get the train from Amsterdam Centraal to The Hague, it usually takes between 45 mins – 1hr 10 mins.

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Rotterdam | 45 mins – 1 hour from Amsterdam Centraal

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome 🎶. I can. not. say. Rotterdam without those lyrics going through my head. I don’t understand them, it’s meaningless but it’s catchy so… sorry if it’s in your head now.

Anyway, apart from catchy lyrics Rotterdam is often associated with its large port. It also has great nightlife, shopping and art with an ever changing skyline. There’s many things to do and see but one of the most popular sights are the cube houses!

How to get to Rotterdam from Amsterdam: Get the intercity train from Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam Station, it usually takes around 45 minutes.

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Amsterdam Day Trips Under An Hour

This handy table below summarises our top picks for day trips, that are under an hour from Amsterdam!

DestinationTravel Time
Zaanse Shans35 minutes
Haarlem20 minutes
Utrecht30 minutes
The Hague60 minutes
Rotterdam45 minutes