A guide to public transport in Amsterdam

The city has a pretty sleek network making it super easy to get around using public transport in Amsterdam.

It’s definitely worth noting that Amsterdam is a dense and compact – so you may not need transport to get around all of the time.

That said, there’s plenty of occasions where you will and thankfully there’s multiple modes of transport to pick from:

  • Tram
  • Train
  • Metro
  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Bicycle
  • Canal boat
  • Walking…

Google Maps is a good place to start when working out how to get around, it’ll provide you with all your transport options and estimated times for each. 

Get unlimited transport on trains, trams, metros, buses and ferries…

With an OV-chipkaart. We’d say this is by far the most convenient way for tourists to get around. You can buy cards that cover anything from one-hour to seven days. The ticket is valid across the whole transport network mentioned above and allows you to take as many journeys as you need within the chose time-frame! Find out more about where to get them here.

Note: Cash is no longer accepted on public transport in Amsterdam. Tickets can only be purchased using a debit or credit card on public transport.

Helpful apps for getting around

As we mentioned above, Google Maps does the trick! But there’s also some Netherlands specific travel apps that might help you plan ahead – the 9292 route planner and GVB website are pretty good places to start!

Travelling between Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Centre

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Airport has excellent and regular transport connections to the city centre including a railway station directly under the airport!

For many, the cheapest and most convenient way of reaching the city centre is by train. It costs around €5.50 for a single and only takes 15-20 minutes.

There’s also an airport express bus. The 397 bus service is operated by Connecion/R-Net and runs from bus stop B15 just outside the main station hall.

You can find out more tips for getting to the city centre from the airport here.

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